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10 Dog Breeds That Are Super Clingy With Their Owners

10 Dog Breeds That Are Super Clingy With Their Owners

While every dog enjoys spending time with its owner, there are some who genuinely adore you. Dogs are sensitive animals with a tremendous desire to be with you, but for some, it goes beyond that. Do you prefer a canine companion who sticks by your side and is willing to accompany you everywhere? Then one of these "velcro dog breeds," also known as clinging dog breeds, might be perfect for you!

#1 – Labrador Retriever

Labradors are renowned for their laid-back demeanor and attachment to their owners. They will travel with you everywhere you go, even after "death do you part," where we are certain they will wait at the Bridge. Your dog will undoubtedly adore you forever if you give them lots of time to play, exercise, and snuggle with them. Because they are among the smartest dog breeds, labs are frequently used as service animals.

#2 – Italian Greyhound

Don't even consider leaving these little boys behind since they want to sit on your lap all the time and will cry if you do. They resemble Greyhounds exactly but weigh less than 15 pounds and are significantly smaller. Although they can adjust to new circumstances, they struggle with the cold. This explains why you frequently see these thin dogs wearing adorable little jumpers. Additionally, they shed very little and are even friendly to strangers.

#3 – Golden Retriever

As long as you are close, golden retrievers are loyal dogs who are willing to do everything. With the right instruction, they can pick things up quickly and are fun and vivacious. Due to their loving, intellectual temperament, they are utilized as therapy dogs and service dogs just like Labradors. However, they have thick coats of fur that require frequent brushing to reduce significant shedding.

#4 – French Bulldog

These stubborn canines may adore their owners, but they may also want to accompany you wherever for another reason. Yes, Frenchies enjoy stepping outside to greet their adoring admirers. It's not surprising that this breed of short, wrinkled puppies is one of the most well-liked ones. With flat snouts and pointy ears, they have the loveliest little faces. Additionally, they have humorous, fun, and adaptive dispositions. However, you should be cautious when working them out outside because they have a history of breathing issues.

#5 – German Shepherd Dog

This breed, which is about as obedient as they get, wants to make sure they can defend you by always keeping you in your sights, whether at work or on a picnic. They are one of the most popular breeds of police dogs because of their devotion and vigilance. But despite their solemn demeanor, these dogs can be kind and playful when they're not on guard. Just remember to brush them often to keep their excessive shedding under control!

#6 – Doberman Pinscher

These dogs will stick to the people they adore like velcro, and they only want to be close to their loved ones. They are drawn to you because they want to keep you safe; they were bred in Germany as protection dogs. They are not just sensitive creatures who must coexist with humans, but they are also fearless family guardians. So, don't be fooled in the least by those intimidating appearances.

#7 – Pug

Like the Frenchie, the pug enjoys traveling with its owners. They are excellent company on the road. They share the same distinctive flat nose and wrinkled skin as Frenchies. They are therefore susceptible to a variety of health issues, such as breathing difficulties and skin infections, but they don't let that stop them. Since pugs are endearing, goofy, and playful, so many families enjoy having them around.

#8 – Coton de Tulear

Because of their devotion to their owners, Coton de Tulears are one of the most clinging dog breeds. Make sure you get them a dog car seat because they won't stay at home while you go on adventures. No matter where you take these joyful dogs, they always bring a pleasant attitude. Furthermore, as long as you brush out all those potential mats and tangles, their smooth, cloud-like coats make them ideal for cuddling.

#9 – Great Dane

This kind giant enjoys receiving praise. You better have room in that SUV for your Dane to tag along because they prefer to follow you around rather than doing anything else. Even though they frequently weigh over 100 pounds, these dogs are frequently sluggish and want to spend as much time cuddling as next to their owners as possible. You should keep your counters free of clutter if you own a Great Dane. After all, they can use their tails to topple vases or grab food off the table since they are tall enough to do it. Don't worry though; their loyalty and love more than make up for it.

#10 – Shetland Sheepdog

These dogs act as your "shadows," following you about the house. The majority of them enjoy taking automobile trips and will travel anywhere, especially if there is an object to pursue when they arrive. They resemble their larger cousin, the Collie, exactly. Shelties were developed for herding, much like Collies, thus despite their small stature, they are nonetheless nimble, sharp, and intelligent. Therefore, make sure to offer them a lot of exercise, even at home.