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Top 5 Kinds of Fabric That Repel Pet Hair

Top 5 Kinds of Fabric That Repel Pet Hair

No one wants to spend countless hours cleaning up pile after pile of loose pet hair, unless you're one of the few dog owners who are blessed enough to have a shedding-fee pup.

Most of us deal with the issue because we love our pets so much. But there is a better way! Using fabrics that repel pet hair instead of fabrics that attract the hair like a magnet, you can keep your clothes and furniture looking much cleaner without any additional work.

We’re going to tell you about each of the 5 best fabrics for repelling pet hair. Whether you want your clothes, bedding, or furniture to be hair-free, these fabrics are the best choices.

1.100% Cotton (Tightly Woven Cotton)

Highly Woven Cotton for Dog Hair Repelling

The first one of our list of fabrics that repel pet hair is cotton. Cotton is a very common fabric used for dog clothing, while also being one of the greatest choices at repelling pet hair. In order to effectively resist pet hair, you should seek for cotton taht is very toghtly woven.

A very high thread count: 500 thread count or higher is the target. You can easily find sheets and bedding made from this tightly woven cotton, and it will work wonders to lessen the quantity of dog hair that now accumulates on your bed.


  • Easy to find high thread count cotton sheets
  • One of the best to repel pet hair


  • Must have a thread count over 500
  • High thread count bedding is expensive
  • Difficult to find such intricately knit clothing


Denim fabric for dpg hair repelling

Denim is a fabric that is durable, exceptionally strong and tightly woven. Pet hair are difficult to stick to this fabric, because of the tight weave. In contrast to hairs that are adhered to some other types of cloth, even if you still find a few hairs clinging tightly to your jeans, they will be quite simple to remove with a lint roller.

Even if any hair manage to stick to your jeans, they won't be very visible, because the most denim are dark in color.


  • Pet hair can easily removed if it does cling to the denim
  • Tight weave doesn't let pet hair stick easily


  • Denim is used in few applications
  • It is hard and not so comfortable of fabrics


Moleskin Fabric for Dog Hair Repeling

Moleskin is a type of cotton fabric comprising densely woven cotton fabric. It has a smooth, finished surface. But it feels extremely soft. 

The material usually gets used in both clothing, upholstery, and furniture. Moleskin fabric tends to be quite durable, despite the bizarre combination of softness and dense weaving. You can wash the fabric in a machine without any care. Because it’s so heavily woven, moleskin is great at preventing pet hair from sticking. If you shake it, any pet hair that’s laying on the surface will simply fall right off.


  • Extremely durable
  • Easily cleaned
  • Hair doesn't stick


  • Not big variety of products made from moleskin


 Leather Fabric for Dog Hair Repelling

Leather is much commonly-used material in all types of things, ranging from aesthetic bomber jackets to luxurious sofas. So, it is likely that all households have some percentage of leather fabric.

It’s really one of the finest textiles for couches for pets. Even though it will continue to pile on top, the dog hair won’t stick. It will be easy to clean up by just wiping it off or vacuuming it up.

Leather is a premium material that usually costs more than other materials. Expect to pay a bit more for a leather couch than a cotton one.


  • A lot of furniture consist of leather
  • Pet hair doesn't stick


  • Expensive material
  • Requires conditioning



Silk Fabric for Doghair repelling

Silk is next on our list of fabrics that repel pet hair. You know just how slippery silk sheets can feel when you're snuggled into a bed covered with them. It’s a great sensation against your skin, but it also serves another purpose: preventing pet hair from sticking!

Because silk has such a slick surface, pet hair doesn’t stick to it easily. Silk blends will also work well for repelling pet hair, and they’re usually more cost-effective and longer-lasting.

Silk is very susceptible to holes caused by your pet's nails or teeth, which is one thing to keep in mind. It’s very thin and easily punctured. It’s also more expensive than other fabrics, so when it gets damaged, you’re going to feel it!


  • Good sense for your skin
  • Long last
  • Slick texture doesn’t hold onto pet hair


  • Susceptible to holes from teeth and nails